Indian Army to release a game to Counter PUBG


PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) a multiplayer battle royale game which was published by South Korean video game company Bluehole Break the Internet by storm where hundred players lands with parachute into an island for weapons and attachment to kill others while avoiding getting killed themselves every few minutes,the play area on the map begins to get smaller towards a random location,any player caught outside the safe area taking damage gets eliminated if they not entered safe zone in time.

Tancent gaming which launched this game on 19 march 2018 (PUBG) Mobile the game which won several awards “Best Multiplayer Game” nominated in “Game of the Year” and “Best Ongoing Game” with around 100 Million downloads and about 4.3 ratings. But the problem is kids youngster getting addicted to this game spending too much time on PUBG which increasing there depression and anxiety level even Prime minister addressed a mother who asked her son was avoiding studies PM Modi replied “PUBG-wala hai kya? like every thing which comes in good package there is positives and negatives and this game known for its negativity.

Now a report coming from The Indian Air Force (IAF) is going to launch a game for Android and iOS user, game shows IAF aircraft and helicopters which can be used to strike enemies same as PUBG you can shoot down aircraft this game is going to be launch on 31st July

it will be interesting to see how this game performs as per now PUBG leading gaming industry.


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