Court issued warrant against Anant Singh, can be detained anytime


The troubles of Bahubali MLA of bihar Anant Singh are not getting reduced at the moment. A warrant of arrest has now been issued against this Bahubali MLA who has been absconding for the last three days. Patna’s Badh Court has issued this arrest warrant against Anant Singh in the AK-47 case. While the warrant of arrest has been issued against Anant Singh, the order for attachment of property of his associate Lallu Mukhiya, Ranvir Yadav has also been issued.

Allied property will also be attached

That is, the property of both their partners will be attached. This action against both has been issued in Bhola Singh case of Pandarak. In this case, both Anant Singh’s associates are absconding for the last several days. With the order of attachment and confiscation from the flood court, the police went out for attachment action.

Raid from home to relatives village too

It is known that since the AK-47 was recovered, police raids are going on from Anant Singh’s house to his relatives, but the name of the Bahubali MLA has not been detected by the police. 10 police teams have been pressed in search of Anant Singh.

Awe among supporters

Anant’s supporters are very scared due to this action of the police. According to the information, the police are still questioning many people who are related to Anant Singh, but no clue has been found. Anant’s arrest has become a challenge for the Patna Police.


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