Best water parks in Patna to “Beat the Heat” during summers


Are you finding the best water parks in Patna?

Are you among those who really hate summers more than any season and the one who whole heartily dislikes the blooming summer heating strokes? To beat the heat and to stay cool during the summers there are so many amusing water parks in Patna that somehow let the people to take some heap of relaxation during summers. What else do we desire than to stay cool in summers? These water parks have fantastic swimming pools along with numerous water slides assembled together, normal slides, roller coasters and a significant and beautiful play area for kids. Apart from the fun area and play zones these water parks also have a different section for food and beverages where you can go and fill your empty stomachs after spending the gala time with friends and families. What is the amount that costs for the water park in Patna ticket booking?

Here are the 3 best water parks and their prices in Patna that demands a must go tour:-

  1. Funtasia Island


Funtasia is on the top of the list of water parks in Patna and a true paradise on the city land of the capital. As the name suggests this water park is full of fun and amazement. Funtasia is the first ever water park in Patna which was constructed and promoted by Takshila Seas & Resorts Pvt. Ltd that is spread across 5 acres of land. One of the interesting facts about funtasia is that it is attractive and appealing to almost all the age group people no matter whether it’s kids or the elders. There are almost 5-6 sliders for adults and 3-4 for children and all are really very safe. There is various safety guards present besides each ride and take care of all the safety measures. There are altogether 4 pools, small but deep pool, kid’s pool, general playing pool and wave pool. There are small slides for kids and also they can have a good time at the elephant houses as well. The water is immensely clean but for your precaution and safety you should take bath as soon as you reach home. According to the reviews the only problem that is there are the unhygienic toilets. Otherwise everything is too good to go.

Is there any parking charges? What are the parking facilities in funtasia water park Patna?

There is a good parking space which will cost 50 Rupees where you can easily park your vehicle and enjoy as much as you can.

How to reach at funtasia water park Patna?

For reaching at funtasia water park Patna you can take local from Patna Junction to reach Parsa bazaar station. From there again you have to take auto for Sampatchak road then from there take another auto to Water Park. Or you can take auto from Patna junction to Agamkuan, then another auto from Agamkuan to Sampatchak, then from there to Water Park. From boring road to funtasia the distance is 18.6 km that means 48 minutes travelling via NH139 and jaganpura road. From patliputra to funtasia the distance will be 22km that means 55 minutes of travelling via NH139 route. From Dak Bungalow to funtasia total distance will be 12.2 km that means 38 minutes via jaganpura road.

What is the price of fantasia Water Park in Patna sampatchak?

Entry fees:- On weekdays- INR 350

On weekends/ Public holidays- INR 450

For the children below 3ft height no charges will be taken.

What is the facility of clothes in funtasia Water Park? You should carry your own spare clothes so you don’t have to pay extra 50 rupees for them. Also you have to pay an amount of rupees 50 for the safety and security of your stuffs and belongings. For bags they will cost 30 rupees and for footwear Rs. 10.

What is the timing of sampatchak Water Park?

The timing of this water park is from 11 am to 6 pm.

Closed on Wednesday.

  1. Hungama world water park 

Where is hungama world water park situated?

Hungama world water park is situated Danapur Bihta Road, National highway, Patna.

Total distance from dak bunglow to hungama is 25km i.e. 49 minutes. From boring road it takes 47 minutes i.e. 24.3 km.

Hungama world is constructed and inaugurated in 2014. This is more of a theme based water park completely go-to-destination to make memories. It’s a massive and huge water complex with thrilling and exciting water rides. There are all together 3 water pools, Hammock, if you are a roller coaster lover then this water park is for you because there is a roller coaster, then there is bull ride and many more. Specifically both dry and wet rides are available like striking car, swing chair and roller coaster. Is there any parking space outside the hungama world?

Hungama world also has a systematic parking area where you can easily park your vehicles and enjoy as much as you can. Especially if you are going along with your kids then there are lots of dummy cartoon characters. Hungama world is more of an amusement park than the water park.. Children get more attracted with the aura. You can spend a good time enjoying the wave pools, the rain dance and the water slides. Canteen facility is also available where you could go and enjoy the snacks.

What is the hungama world water park ticket price?

Timings: – 10 am to 5 pm.

Entry fee: – In weekdays INR 400

Weekends and public holidays – INR 500.

Is there any other mode of booking the ticket?

You can also book tickets online via credit/debit cards and also you can make payment through internet banking. A good place where you could go with your friends and family and have a great time with them.

  1. Chhapaak Water Park

Is there any other water park apart from fantasia and hungama world?

Yes there is another very interesting and intriguing water park- the Chhapaak water Park Patna Bihar. One of the finest park in Patna which is going to be in function soon where you could go with your friends and family and spend some good quality time especially during summers. Now the question arises why should we prefer Chhapaak Water Park? Chhapaak Water Park is a full roar of fun and excitement. This water park has created a magical world that helps in building up the lifetime memories and experiences. They have plenty of breath taking rides that leaves you both scared and satisfied and more importantly will provide you a sense of relief . Interestingly they will have food availability based on your preferences and taste. Another interesting factor about this newly, water park is that they do not charge any extra money for costumes, lockers and parking, everything is included in the ticket amount itself. What is the chhapaak water park bihar ticket price?

Entrance Fee is Rs. 700.

Entry is free for children below the height of 90 cm also the ticket price are non refundable.

What is the entry timing in chhapaak Water Park?

Entrance will be closed after 5 pm.

They will also provide you a wristband that is not supposed to be replaced, if it gets replaced then extra amount of money will be charged. Also there are plenty of rules and regulations that need to be followed by each and everyone out there like no nuisance will be tolerated at any cost. If a person does so then he/she has to leave the premise as soon as possible. You will get the list of rules and regulations on their official website.

How can we book an online ticket of chhapaak Water Park?

You can book your ticket online and also from Be the first one to book yourself and your friends and family for this amazing adventure where you could go and enjoy.

In this heaping summer one always wish to have a good and satisfied tour and specially when it comes to summers what else would go apart from water parks and water rides. So this summer beat the heat.

Which water park is better, fantasia vs hungama world vs chhapaak?

After comparing these three water parks following are the differences that are being shown:-

If you want to enjoy only water park i.e. the water rides, the swimming pools, slides and roller coasters then funtasia and chhapaak falls on the same parameter the only difference comes with the timings as the funtasia water park is very old while the chhapaak has been recently opened. In chhapaak water park there is no extra charge for costumes, parking and lockers while in funtasia Water Park there is a different- different charges for everything. Also there were lot of reviews about the unhygienic toilets in funtasia and the rush faced by the people while parking. And if we talk about hungama world Water Park if you want a mixture of both water park as well as amusement park then hungama world will be best to go for. Again there are few drawbacks of hungama world also. You can book your tickets online for chhapaak Water Park and hungama world but the online booking facility is not available for funtasia Water Park.


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